Coursera What If I Miss A Deadline?

If you’re considering taking a class on Coursera, you may be wondering:

What if I miss a deadline?

The short answer: there are no real penalties for missing a deadline in a Coursera class.

According to the official Coursera Blog,

There are no penalties for missing deadlines. If you fall behind in an on demand course, you can adjust the suggested deadlines, or turn them off. If you fall behind in a session-based course, you may need to transfer to the next session, but your record of completed assignments will transfer with you.

Many Coursera classes, including some of the most popular ones, include deadlines to create a more genuine learning experience and to encourage class participation and completion.

What Happens When You Reset Deadlines In Coursera?

Don’t worry: if you have to reset a deadline in a Coursera course, you will simply be given a new timeline for completing the course and you can take it and complete it in a time that’s more doable for you.

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