Editor Overview in ClickFunnels 2.0

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Editor Overview in ClickFunnels 2.0

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ClickFunnels is a software platform that enables users to create sales funnels and landing pages quickly and easily.

It offers templates, drag-and-drop editing, and integrations with other tools.

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Editor Overview in ClickFunnels 2.0

The editor overview in ClickFunnels 2.0 is an intuitive and powerful way to create high-converting sales funnels. With a drag and drop interface, creating funnels is easier than ever before!

You can easily customize the layout of your funnel pages, add elements and connect actions through the visual builder or use the pop-up editor to quickly edit and update elements.

The integration of custom code within the editor allows you to add powerful functionality to your funnel pages, such as a countdown timer, contact forms, surveys and more.

There are also powerful analytics tools that provide insights into how your funnels are performing.

With ClickFunnels 2.0 you can create amazing sales funnels that convert!

If you’re new to ClickFunnels, you may be wondering what the Editor Overview is and how it can help you create better Funnels. The Editor Overview is a tool that allows you to see a preview of your Funnel, as well as the individual steps, or “pages”, that make up your Funnel.

The best way to think of the Editor Overview is as a map of your Funnel. It shows you the path that your customer will take as they go through your Funnel. This is valuable because it allows you to see where your customer may get stuck, or where they may need more guidance.

The Editor Overview also allows you to edit your Funnel without having to go through the entire Funnel creation process again. This can save you a lot of time, especially if you need to make a small change to your Funnel.

To access the Editor Overview, click on the “Edit” button in the top right corner of your ClickFunnels page. This will bring up a new page with the Editor Overview on the left side and your Funnel on the right side.

You can use the Editor Overview to edit any part of your Funnel, including the Funnel name, the page order, and the page content. To edit a page, simply click on it in the Editor Overview. This will open up the page editor on the right side of the screen.

Once you’re finished making your changes, be sure to click the “Save” button in the top right corner of the screen. This will save your changes and update your Funnel.

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