Elementor How to Add Table of Contents to WordPress

Elementor How to Add Table of Contents to WordPress

Adding a table of contents to WordPress in Elementor is very easy. First, open the Elementor page builder and click on the structure tab.

From there you can drag and drop a table of contents element onto your page. You will then be able to customize the appearance of the table by changing the font size, color, and other settings.

Once you are done with customizing the look of your table of contents, save your changes and view them live on your WordPress site.

The great thing about this approach is that it allows you to quickly create an interactive table of contents for each post or page on your WordPress website.

This makes it easier for readers to quickly skim through posts and pages to find specific information they’re looking for.

Additionally, it also helps improve user experience when navigating a large website as readers can easily jump from one section of content to another without having to scroll up and down multiple times.


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