Elementor How To Create an Exit Intent Popup in WordPress (With a Content Upgrade Offer)

Elementor How To Create an Exit Intent Popup in WordPress (With a Content Upgrade Offer)

Creating an exit intent popup with a content upgrade offer in WordPress using Elementor is a great way to capture lost leads and build an email list.

Firstly, you will need to create the pop up using Elementor, which can be done from the “Add New” section of the dashboard.

Once you have selected your desired layout and design for the popup, you can add in your content upgrade offer.

This could include a free ebook, whitepaper or checklist relating to topics related to the website. You can add a button that links to the content upgrade offer so visitors can access it easily.

Once you are happy with how the popup looks, you can add an exit intent trigger so that when visitors are about to leave your site they will be presented with the popup.

Exit intent triggers allow visitors who are about to leave your site to see specific offers before they do which increases conversions as they may stay on your page if they like what they see.

Finally, once you have finished setting up the exit intent popup with Elementor on your WordPress site, make sure to test it out and evaluate its effectiveness.

To do this, you could use analytics tools such as Google Analytics and Hotjar to track user engagement on your website and see how many people clicked through on the content upgrade offer from within your exit intent popup.

With this data, you can further refine your strategy for creating successful exit intent popups in WordPress using Elementor.


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