Elementor How to Use the Menu Anchor Widget

Elementor How to Use the Menu Anchor Widget

The Menu Anchor widget with Elementor allows users to easily add anchors to any part of their page or post.

This can be used to create a navigation menu that links to different parts of the page, making it easier for visitors to find the information they are looking for.

To use the Menu Anchor widget, first open the Elementor Editor and select “Menu Anchor” from the list of available widgets. Then drag and drop it into place where you want the anchor to appear in your page or post.

Next, enter a name for your anchor in the Name field. This is what will appear in your navigation menu as a link to this particular section of your page.

You can also choose an icon from the Icon dropdown if desired.

Finally, click on Publish or Update to save your changes and make them live on your site.

Now when visitors click on the link in your navigation menu, they will be taken directly to that part of the page or post instead of having to scroll down manually.


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