How To Create a LearnDash Certificate

How To Create a LearnDash Certificate

Creating a LearnDash certificate is a great way to reward your students and recognize their hard work. It is easy to create one using the LearnDash Certificate Builder plugin.

o start, you will need to install the LearnDash Certificate Builder plugin. Once it has been installed, you can customize your certificate by selecting one of the many designs available in the plugin.

You can also add images and text to personalize the design further. Additionally, you can set up rules for which students should receive the certificate, such as completing a course or achieving a certain grade.

When finished, simply hit save and generate a PDF version of your certificate. This can then be downloaded and printed out or emailed directly to your students.

With LearnDash Certificate Builder, creating professional certificates for recognizing student achievements has never been easier!


Learndash is a Learning Management System (LMS) plugin for WordPress and online learning platform that offers tools to create and deliver engaging, interactive courses.

It enables instructors to easily create interactive quizzes, assign tasks and assessments, track learner progress, and more.

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