How to Display WooCommerce Products With the WC Products Widget in Elementor

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How to Display WooCommerce Products With the WC Products Widget in Elementor


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How to Display WooCommerce Products With the WC Products Widget in Elementor

The WC Products Widget is one of the most powerful Elementor widgets for WooCommerce. With this widget, you can easily display your WooCommerce products in a stylish and modern way on your website.

To use this widget on your page, start by dragging it from the left panel onto the canvas area. Then select what type of WooCommerce product you want to display.

You can choose from multiple options, such as Featured Products, Sale Products, Best Sellers, and more.

Next, you can customize the look and feel of your products by changing the number of columns and rows that will appear on the page.

You may also customize how many products to show, how to display them (as a list or as a grid), and other options.

Finally, you can set up filters to narrow down the results by product categories, tags, etc. This way you will be able to show only the products that best fit your audience.

The WC Products Widget is an invaluable asset to any website using WooCommerce and it is really easy to set up.

It is a great way to showcase your products on the homepage, in blog posts, or anywhere else you want without having to manually input the product data. Have fun creating an attractive display of your store’s products!

Once you are done setting up the WC Products Widget it will be up and running, displaying your store’s products in the way you specified. Enjoy!

That is all there is to setting up the WC Products Widget on your WooCommerce website. You now have a simple yet powerful tool for showcasing your products and giving your customers an easy way to find what they are looking for.

With this widget, you can make sure that your customers never miss a chance to purchase something from your store!

So why wait? Set up the WC Products Widget today and start getting more sales with little effort. You’ll be glad you did! Happy selling!

Assuming you have WooCommerce and Elementor installed and active on your WordPress site, follow these steps to display WooCommerce products with the WC Products Widget in Elementor.

In the WordPress admin panel, go to Elementor > My Templates and click the Add New button.

Give your template a name and click the Create Template button.

On the left side of the Elementor editing screen, you will see a panel with various elements that you can add to your template. Find the WC Products Widget and drag it into the editing area.

In the WC Products Widget settings, you will need to choose the number of products to display and how to order them. You can also choose to display sale items, featured items, or specific product categories.

Once you have the widget set up the way you want, click the Publish button and your WooCommerce products will be displayed on your Elementor template.

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