How To Duplicate A Section In Elementor

How To Duplicate A Section In Elementor

How To Duplicate A Section In Elementor

If you want to create a copy of a section in Elementor, the simplest way is to use the Duplicate button.

This can be found at the top of each Section on the Elementor Editor. Clicking this button will create an exact duplicate of your existing section and add it directly below it.

You can then edit the new duplicated Section as needed to quickly create unique designs for your page.

To delete the duplicated section, click the “Delete” button at the top of it.

I find this feature extremely helpful when creating unique designs for my webpages!


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If you’re using the Elementor page builder, there are times when you’ll want to duplicate a section. Maybe you want to create a similar section with different content, or maybe you just want to save time by duplicating an existing section.

Either way, duplicating a section in Elementor is easy to do. Here’s how:

1. First, find the section you want to duplicate.

2. Then, click on the section’s handle to select it.

3. Now, click on the Duplicate button in the Elementor toolbar.

4. That’s it! Your section will be duplicated and you can make any changes you want.

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