Kartra – How to Create A Tag | Tutorial

Kartra – How to Create A Tag

Creating a tag in Kartra is an important step for tracking your leads.

Tags help you to categorize and organize your contacts, allowing you to quickly identify leads that are interested in a particular product or service so you can target them with relevant messages.

By tagging contacts based on their interests, you can more easily track the performance of campaigns and make sure they’re tailored to the right audience.

Tags also allow you to segment your audience so you can send targeted emails or messages to specific groups of people.

This helps ensure that each contact receives the right message at the right time, which can help increase conversions and build relationships with customers.

Creating a tag in Kartra is easy and straightforward. To create a tag, simply go to Contacts > Tags > New Tag and enter the name of the tag you want to create.

Once added, it will appear on the list of tags within the main Contacts page where it can be edited if necessary.

Using tags in Kartra is important for tracking leads because it allows you to better understand who is interested in what products or services, as well as helping you keep track of how effective different campaigns are performing.

With this information at hand, you can more easily reach out to prospects with messages that are tailored specifically for them and increase conversion rates from potential customers into paying ones.

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