Shopify How To Connect A Third Party Domain Tutorial

Shopify How To Connect A Third Party Domain

Branding your own domain is incredibly important.

It helps customers identify your business, which can be the difference between someone who just browses and someone who makes a purchase.

A branded domain also conveys trust, as customers are more likely to trust a website with an established web presence than one without one.

When setting up an online store via Shopify, it’s possible to connect a third party domain with the platform. To do this you first need to buy the domain from a provider of your choice such as GoDaddy or 1&1 IONOS.

Once you have registered the domain, go to Domain Settings in your Shopify admin and enter the details for the new domain in the Add A Domain section.

From there, you can select whether it should be used for primary or secondary domains and enter any DNS records needed for further customization of your domain setup. You can also use DNS providers like Cloudflare if additional features are needed.

Finally, make sure to adjust the settings within Shopify so that they are compatible with your new domain URL before publishing anything live.

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