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Elementor How To Change and Style Your Site Logo & Site Title

Elementor How To Change and Style Your Site Logo & Site Title

Changing and styling your site logo and site title in Elementor is very easy. First, open the page where you want to add your logo or title.

Click on the plus icon and search for a ‘Site Logo’ or ‘Site Title’ widget.

Once the widget appears, drag it to the desired location on the page. You can then customize your logo by clicking on it and choosing an image from your media library.

You can also upload an image from your computer if you do not have one already saved. For the Site Title widget, type in the desired text into the text box that appears when you click on it.

Once you are done adding content, click on the Style tab of either widget to change its appearance.

You will be able to customize everything from font size to shadows, backgrounds and more. You can even use background images instead of blocks of color or gradients for added visual appeal!

Once you are satisfied with how everything looks, click save and view your changes live on the page.


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