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Elementor How to Use Absolute & Fixed Custom Positioning | Tutorial

Elementor How to Use Absolute & Fixed Custom Positioning

Using absolute and fixed custom positioning in Elementor is a great way to create unique, eye-catching designs for your website.

First, you’ll want to make sure the Elementor page builder is enabled for your project. Once that’s done, navigate to the “Advanced” tab on the left sidebar and find the “Positioning” section. Here you’ll have two options: Absolute or Fixed.

With Absolute positioning, you can move an element anywhere on the page by simply dragging it with your mouse.

Alternatively, Fixed positioning locks an element in place and makes it stay there as you scroll down the page.

Next, select one of the options and adjust the top/left/right/bottom settings to specify exactly where on the page you want your element to be placed.

You can also choose whether it should remain static or if it should come into view when a user scrolls down.

Finally, save your changes and check out how it looks on different devices or browsers!

Moving elements around like this will give your website a unique design that stands out from others that are using traditional layouts and structures.


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