Elementor How to Use Image Gallery Widget

Elementor How to Use Image Gallery Widget

Using the Image Gallery Widget in Elementor is a great way to showcase multiple images at once. To start, open your Elementor page builder and add an image gallery widget.

From there, you can upload or select the images you want to display and configure the settings. You can determine how many columns you want the gallery to have and set how much space should be between each image.

Next, you’ll need to choose a layout for your image gallery. Elementor offers several options such as masonry, justified, carousel, stack, and more.

Depending on the look you’re trying to achieve with your website, some layouts may work better than others.

Then you can customize each individual photo in your gallery by adding a caption or alt text. This will make sure that all of your images are fully optimized for SEO purposes and visitors exploring your site will be able to get more information about each photo if needed.

Finally, if desired, you can also enable hover effects for when someone hovers their mouse over an image in the gallery.

These effects include changing the size/brightness of the image when hovered upon as well as displaying additional information like description text or buttons linking out elsewhere on your website or social media accounts.

The Image Gallery Widget in Elementor makes it easy to create beautiful galleries that draw attention from anyone visiting your website!


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