How I Made My First $1,000 On Upwork In 30 Days With No Reputation Or Experience.

It felt like I was wasting my time, but I improved quickly & got my first 2 clients in 30 days.

This is how I got my first Upwork clients, and my first $1,000 earned on Upwork in 30 days.

This is how I spent my month:

Week 1: “Hyperlearn” via Youtube.

– Searched for top Upwork Vids/Channels

– Sort channels by most viewed vid

– Download list via @vidIQ

– Watch in order at 2x speed

– Record notes in @evernote

– Submit 1 Proposal

I instantly saw opportunity, since most people suck at Upwork.

Week 2: Reply Only To Newest Projects

Upwork gets crazy fast.

If you’re new with no reputation, you need to reply ASAP to any project that you’re interested in.

This is the 80/20 of getting a shot.

– Submit 5-10/day

– I got my first reply, who then flaked. But I had hope.

Week 3: Rewrite Profile In A Way That Doesn’t Suck

– Focus on how to help, not what I’ve done.

Like everyone else: I thought you were supposed to “brag” about all the stuff you’ve accomplished.

I learned instead to focus ONLY on how you can fix the hirer’s problems.

Week 4: Write Quick, Focused Proposals

– Focus proposals on the problem. Not your stats.

– Everybody comes to upwork for help with a problem. They want you to fix it.

– Give away advice for free in proposal – lead with your solution.

– Invite to quick 15 min. zoom call

– 10 /day

That’s when it clicked. 2 proposals in the same week hired me.

The “snowball” of momentum started to kick in and everything that felt like a waste suddenly felt awesome.

Upwork doesn’t have to be a slog. There are great people on there who want/need your help.

πŸ‘‡ Bonus Tips:

Turning Zooms Into Clients

Once You’re On A Call, You’re Almost Certainly Hired.

I found most people HATE hiring on upwork and want it to be over ASAP.

If they read your proposal and it’s unique and you have a solution to their problem, they will probably hire you.

Momentum :

Keep. Submitting. Proposals.

See above tip on only replying to the most recent ones, ASAP.

At first it seemed like I was wasting my time.

I had no history, no clout, no big numbers.

But I “cracked the code” faster than a lot of people. Enjoy!

The Nomad Brad
How I Made My First $1,000 On Upwork In 30 Days With No Reputation Or Experience. 2

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