How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big – Scott Adams | Book Summary

This is a really awesome blueprint for applying the “systems” mindset to your personal and professional life, told from the perspective of the creator of Dilbert, Scott Adams.

He’s got a cantankerous personality, and puts things very bluntly, which is refreshing.

He’s also a very accomplished person in business, in leveraging his unique blend of talents and interests, and deploying them in a non-conventional way to achieve incredible success and garner wealth.

He’s an entertaining author to read, and you can tell he’s really worked hard over his life to boil down his general observations and philosophies about business, life, relationships, success, and more into really concise concepts.

I loved this book, and took tons of notes.

It’s a bridge between pop pscyhology and self help, and science and the systems approach of sam carpenter.

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