Work the System – Sam Carpenter and Josh Fonger | Book Summary

This book is a part of my 10 Most Highlighted Books of 2022 series.

Another total game changer. This book is often cited in the startup world, and now I totally get it.

Last year I started the year with one focus: Learn how to automate my life.

One of the foundational building blocks of this was to finally really learn how systems work – what they are, how they impact every aspect of our life, and finally – how to build, tweak, and optimize these systems to get more results that I want more of in my life, and how to engineer a more relaxed, productive, happier, and prosperous life for myself – as well as become about 1000x better as a creator and entrepreneur.

Another book I think every HUMAN should read, but at the very least I hope every marketer and entrepreneur reads it.

Another book from Sam Carpenter also Included in my top highlighted list of 2022:

– The Systems Mindset – Sam Carpenter

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Work The System By Sam Carpenter And Josh Fonger
Work The System – Sam Carpenter And Josh Fonger | Book Summary 2

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