How To Start Affiliate Marketing in 2023

A Brief Introduction To Affiliate Marketing

What Is affiliate marketing, What can you sell using it, and How Will You Do It?

If you want to know how to start affiliate marketing as a complete beginner, this guide is for you.

Chances are if you’re picking this up, you already have a good idea what affiliate marketing is. But just in case, I want to briefly talk about it.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is simply a way to make money by recommending a product that someone else created.

You earn a commission when you refer a paying customer to their product.

They handle creating the product, creating the sales process, and yes even the customer support.

Once you send a click and that person becomes a customer of theirs, your job is done and you earn your commission.

All you have to do is recommend people to their product and you make money.

What can you sell using affiliate marketing?

To be honest, you can sell just about anything through affiliate marketing.

Even Amazon and Walmart have affiliate programs. Meaning that if it’s sold on amazon or at walmart, you can promote it as an affiliate and earn commissions.

If you want to see if there are affiliate programs in your particular niche you can always just search “Niche + affiliate programs” and you will undoubtedly find that someone somewhere has set up an affiliate program for their training course, subscription service, software, or e-commerce store.

Sounds Great – But How Do I Get Started Doing Affiliate Marketing?

Well good news…this book is intended to be a guide to showing you how you can get started as soon as today, and using free methods that every single person has access to.

Here’s the basic overview of how you sell products with affiliate marketing:

  1. Choosing Your Niche & Offer

    You sign up for an affiliate program to promote a specific product or you join an affiliate “network” that has thousands of products to promote (Get a list of them here)
  2. Getting Your Affiliate Link

    The affiliate offer gives you a special tracking link that is unique only to you.

    Whenever someone clicks on that unique link, if they go and buy the product, you will be credited with the sale and you will automatically earn a commission.
  3. Getting Traffic To Your Affiliate Link

    There are many ways to get traffic.

    Some require paying money for ads, and others require no money, but they require you to create specific content that gets people to click on your link.

    In this guide I will cover the methods that do not require spending money on ads.

    I will show you how to find exactly which kind of content to create, and show you templates for creating this template in a way that gets traffic and gets people to click on your affiliate links, regardless of your niche.

That’s pretty much it.

Are you ready to start getting commissions for selling other peoples products?

Let’s go!

Part 1: Choose Your Niche

Choosing Your Niche and Product

Method 1: Follow Your Passion

Are You Fighting Against The Current?

One of the easiest ways to pick a niche for affiliate marketing is to simply follow your passion. Now, this doesn’t mean to JUST follow your passion. The key is to align your passion with something that people are already paying money for.

Make sense?

For example…if you are reading this book, it’s highly likely that you are passionate about marketing, business and/or sales.

Guess what…that passion is worth a TON of money!

There are hundreds of amazing, high-converting and highly valuable products, offers, and affiliate programs available to promote in the marketing, business, and sales niches.

When I first started affiliate marketing, I thought I had to promote some weird obscure niches because the marketing niche was “too crowded” “oversaturated” and for some reason…I don’t know if you have this too…but I often like to make things harder on myself than they need to be.

As human beings, for some reason we are often programmed to fight against the current.

If you’re taking the time to learn about marketing period, you’re already doing something that very few people in the world will ever care to do.

And you can use all of these cool things you’re learning to help people AND make money!

That’s the beauty of going with the current.

Now, I’m not saying you HAVE to choose the marketing niche.

By all means, if you are obsessed with camping…you spend your weekends hiking, and you obsess about the latest nerdy camping gear…go into the camping and outdoors niche!

The point is that you can often choose something that you ALREADY have done a ridiculous amount of research, you already have knowledge that could benefit other people, AND you already have a good eye for products that are worthy of promotion in a niche that you yourself are in.

PLUS the way that you’re going to be getting traffic using the free methods outlined in this book will involve creating CONTENT.

And there’s nothing slower or harder than creating content in a niche that you’re NOT already familiar with.

It’s like….well, it’s like fighting against the current!

Try going with the current, and choose a niche that you’re already obsessed with.

Just do a double check that there are, in fact, affiliate products offered for that niche.

A couple quick notes on that:

1) – with amazon, all niches are possible.

With the amazon affiliate program you are free to promote physical products in literally every niche there is.

2) A simple google search will reveal lots of lesser-known affiliate programs

Search for “ (your niche) + affiliate program” in google and you’ll usually be shocked by how many programs there are that you would not have found on clickbank or any CPA networks.

Method 2: The “Big 3”

The Good Ol’ Time-Tested “Money Printing” Factories

If you don’t know which niche to pick…or, you don’t really care, then it’s time to turn to the “big 3”.

The Big 3 Niches in marketing are:


This includes things like:

  • Weight Loss
  • Muscle Building
  • Health Supplements
  • Niche Diets
    • Keto
    • Paleo
  • Pain


This includes things like:

  • Make Money Online
  • Internet Marketing


This includes things like:

  • Men’s Dating Advice
  • Women’s Dating Advice
  • Dating Sites
  • “Get Your Ex Back”

If you want a list of specific offers to promote in each of these niches, download The Nomad Brad’s affiliate niches list:

These are the niches that always have, and always will make the most money. If you divided up the “self help” sections of any bookstore or library, it will basically be these 3 categories.

No matter what, people will always want to know how to find more money, look and feel better (or get rid of health problems) and fall in love and find a relationship.

If you don’t have a particular niche that speaks to you, it’s best to choose one of these big 3 that you gravitate towards the most, and start there.

Method 3: Software

Help Yourself by Helping Others

One of the best places to start in my opinion with affiliate marketing is recommending software.

ESPECIALLY if you’re a beginner.

This is a “niche” in and of itself. Basically, you make affiliate commissions by promoting software and tools that other people can use in their business.

Some examples of this (and my top recommendations) are…

This strategy is especially popular (and effective) right now in 2019 since Clickfunnels really did such an amazing job at building an amazing affiliate program and building an entire community around promoting their product.

The beauty of it is that even if you’re a complete beginner and don’t even know how to use the tool…you can create content as you learn.

Each time you learn a new tip, strategy or trick for the software…you can record a quick youtube video, or write up a quick blog post, or make a post on facebook, and there will be thousands of other people all over the world who are looking to learn the exact same thing.

This is one of the best ways I’ve found that grew my youtube channel.

I made a video called “How To Create Your First Clickfunnel In 15 Minutes”

It’s SUPER basic.

It’s definitely not fancy or anything “advanced”

And it takes about…well…15 minutes.

But it’s currently been seen by over 20,000 people and adds revenue, subscribers, and views to my channel daily.

The other amazing thing about promoting these tools is that you can feel 100% awesome about doing it.

They are legitimate and super helpful at solving peoples biggest problems so you can feel great about promoting them, and they convert very well to the people who are looking at them.

The other upside is that many of these softwares have the BEST commission model…they offer a free trial (which is very easy to sell) and then they have recurring monthly charges (and commissions).

I’ve had people who signed up for clickfunnels over a year ago that have paid me a commission every month for over a year!

Just for selling a free 14 day trial…pretty sweet!

If you want a more in depth list of softwares to promote, check out The Nomad Brad’s List of Hot Niches & Offers

The Importance of Focus

The Man Who Chases Two Rabbits Gets Neither

The most important factor in winning at this game, especially if you’re just starting out, is one thing:


The only thing that will sustain you is getting early and frequent wins.

And I tragically have missed this lesson throughout my life and made the mistake of splitting my efforts too much between too many ideas.

Traffic sources, affiliate products, niches, products, etc.

If you want to generate traffic you need to put in some time to learn the right keywords, create some good content and get really focused on one thing at a time.

I just want to be honest with you…you will get your first commission and your first wins much much faster if you focus on just one niche, one product to promote and in the very beginning, one traffic source.

Ok, got that out of the way!

Researching Your Niche and Product

Keyword Research

Find Out What People Want, And Give It To ‘Em

Ok, now you’ve chosen your niche and a couple good hot offers that you want to promote. Great!

So how do we actually get traffic to these offers and get people to click on your link…buy the products you recommend…and pay you commission?

Well, you’re going to have to create some “content” that will attract them to your offer and helps them to make a buying decision.

But…not just any content will do. And we’ll cover more about exactly which types of content to create and how to do it in a minute.

First, we need to find out what people in this niche are looking for, so we know what to deliver to them in your content.

Keyword research sounds really boring and hard, but it really doesn’t have to be.

Plus…keyword research is the #1 skill for becoming a master affiliate marketer.

It doesn’t matter which traffic source you’re working with…virtually all of them are built on some version of “keywords”.

What’s a keyword you may ask?

It’s simply the words that we use on the internet to get what we’re looking for.

For example, if you want to know more about dunking basketballs better,

You might go to google and type these keywords into the search box…

  • “How to dunk a basketball better”

Or go to facebook and type this:

  • “Basketball Dunking Coaching Group”

Or go to youtube and type:

“Baseketball dunking drill videos”

And that’s you sending out a signal to the internet that you’re seeking something.

Our jobs as affiliate marketers (or marketers in general) is:

  1. To recognize that there is a demand by looking at the keywords that are being searched on these platforms…
  2. Create some form of content that gets that person closer to their goal…
  3. Offer the affiliate product as the ultimate solution to their desires (and thus, earning a commission).

So it all starts with the desires of the people in the niche.

So…how on earth do you know what people are looking for?

Well luckily, that’s the easy part.

There are dozens of tools that can help you with finding out what keywords people are searching for in any given niche.

They literally tell how what people are searching for the most.

Here are some of my favorite of my favorites:

For a full updated list of my favorite tools go here

It’s not really necessary to go into all the gory details in this book of HOW to use these tools in depth.

If you want to see video demonstrations of how to use these keyword tools, download my free keyword research course here

Here’s the basic run down of every single one of these tools:

  1. Enter a keyword in your niche that you’re thinking of making content about
  2. The tools spits out how much people are searching for that term
  3. AND some other related searches that they’re also very likely to be searching

That’s pretty much it.

This is literally giving you magical insight into the minds of the people that are going to want to buy the product you’re promoting.

They are giving you the keys to the kingdom.

If you simply take those keywords and start creating content (which again, we’ll cover how exactly to do that in a bit)…you WILL start getting traffic, clicks, and yes…commissions!

It’s a lot simpler than I ever thought it was…or than you might have thought it was in the past.

What you want to do is copy and past the search phrases into a spreadsheet and organize them by topics.

These keywords and search phrases are going to be the fuel for you content engine! Which will be generating you traffic…clicks…and yes, again…(it can’t be mentioned enough)…commissions!

Affiliate Resources

Bonus Resources To Make Your Job Even Easier

Now that you’re understanding EXACTLY what people who are in the market to buy your affiliate product are searching for, and what their desires are…

There’s another great resource that can help you really “pull it all together” and get a very clear picture on exactly what kind of content will speak to your prospects and get them super excited to buy the product you’re promoting through YOUR link.

Almost every affiliate product out there has some special resources available to you if you’re promoting their product.

Why is this amazing?

Because they REALLY want you to make money because it directly makes them more money!

So they give you the best tools they can to help you achieve that.

Many affiliate programs even have dedicated affiliate managers whose full time job is to help people like you learn how to better promote their product.

Where do you find these additional affiliate resources?

Well, if you’re promoting a clickbank product, you can find a link to the affiliate resources page next to every offer in the marketplace:

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These resource pages can have an incredible amount of helpful tools to make your job as an affiliate easier…

  • A done for you list of keywords to promote
  • Pre-made banner ads and pre-written articles
  • Multiple landing page options
  • Email swipes to use in to send to an email list
  • Exclusive discounts, coupons, and funnels to use to promote to different audiences
  • Contact with their affiliate managers

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Even if you’re not using clickbank, almost every affiliate program out there has an affiliate resource center, just ask the support team for that product or your affiliate manager for that network and they should hook you up!

Part 2: Get Traffic

So How Do You Get “Free” Traffic”?

So now that you’ve chosen a niche and product, and done some research, you may be wondering…how do you go about getting “Free” Traffic?

That’s what we’ll cover in the next few chapters.

But first, let’s cover some other questions you might have:

Doesn’t it take years/months?

It doesn’t have to! Depending on your skill, effort, and dedication some of these methods can literally start generating traffic within a few hours.

Do I have to learn complicated SEO stuff?

No. In fact, the algorithms that drive traffic these days are getting so smart that it’s often not even necessary to learn much SEO at all.

Of course the more you know about SEO is just a bonus.

Do I have to be a “youtuber”?

No. We’ll cover this in the youtube section. You don’t have to be the “dancing monkey” type of person or have clever video edits, a charming personality or be funny.

Do I have to be posting constantly to instagram or facebook feeds?

No, you can choose content that works best for you. And if you go to the bonus section at the end of the book you can learn how to set up a system to automate much of the process.

What if I cant afford “content”?

All the content that I’ll be showing you how to do will be free and simple for anyone to make.

What Can I Expect Once I Start Using These Methods?

  • Traffic just “comes in” daily
  • Affiliate Commissions on autopilot
  • Traffic builds over time
  • Create one stream of traffic, never touch it for 5 years

Ok, if all that sounds awesome, let’s get started!

Feed The Platform And It Will Feed You Back

Now you’ve picked your niche, you’ve picked your offer or handful of offers, now it’s time to start getting traffic.

The beautiful thing about starting this process in 2019 is that this is easier and (relatively) faster than ever before.

Am I saying it will be Easy? No.

Will it be fast by your current expectations? Probably not.

But it’s amazing that anyone has the chance to start from absolute zero and build real repeatable and automated income from completely free traffic.

So how does free traffic work?

Well basically, there once again are many places you can get free traffic from…but we’re going to focus on just 3.

I call these the the “3 Free Traffic Pillars” in 2019.


Well, because they’re the ones that have worked the fastest and the best for me so far, and I know how they work the best. So they’re the ones I’m going to share with you.

Which one should you start with?

Take the Free Traffic Pillar Quiz To Find Out

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Each of these traffic pillars has a unique style, but they all basically ask of you the same thing:

You are going to create content…and exchange that content for a piece of their traffic.

These are 3 of the biggest platforms on the planet. They own MOST of the traffic out there.

But they know that everyone is trying to get a piece of their precious traffic, and they won’t just give it up for free.

You have to feed the platform…and it will feed you back.

Sound confusing?

Don’t worry I’ll break it down step by step in the next section.

What Are The 3 Free Traffic Pillars?

The 3 traffic pillars are my top 3 traffic sources for free traffic in 2019 for affiliates.


The 3 Free Traffic Pillars:

  • Are Totally 100% Free
  • Can Have Explosive Growth
  • You Can Talk About ANYTHING
  • You Can Link To ANYTHING
  • Once You Build Them, They ALWAYS appreciate in value
  • They Power Each Other Up
  • They Give You MULTIPLE affiliate linking opportunities
  • Rapidly Build Your “Authority” In The Eyes of The Algorithms

They’re the ones that I’ve used and they each generate me new traffic…as in leads, sales, clicks, and commissions every day.

And the best part?

They actually play really really well together…and if you link them together strategically, they can each “boost” the others to get you more traffic faster…and even using LESS effort.

You can often repurpose the exact same piece of content on ALL the platforms

This is the super power method that leverages your time AND creates a whirlwind of traffic

So what are they?

Traffic Pillar 1) Youtube

Traffic Pillar 2) Facebook

Traffic Pillar 3) SEO (Blogs)

I’m sure you’ve heard of all of them…since again, they own 99.99% of all the traffic in the world.

The question becomes…how can you use them differently…in a way that actually gets them to give YOU free traffic every day to your affiliate links?

In the next section I will show you how…

Setting Up Your Traffic Pillars


Why You’re About To Love Youtube


A lot of people are intimidated by Youtube, for many factors that we’re about to cover. Before we do, let me just tell you, before I started my youtube channel I felt the same. In fact…

  • I never wanted to do youtube or do any sort of video marketing at all
  • I DEFINITELY didn’t want to be on camera
  • Philosophically, I kind of hate social media
  • I thought I had NOTHING to offer people…

But once I got started, and started getting views, subscribers, leads, and SALES…

That’s when I realized a few things that I think will help you to see how powerful and exciting Youtube can be for making you lots of affiliate commissions…

Youtube is one of the Fastest Growing Traffic Sources

All the social media platforms are investing heavily in video right now, because it’s what’s hot. And it’s growing.

Youtube is also the 2nd Biggest Search Engine

It’s no accident that Youtube was acquired by Google. Youtube is becoming the destination for everyone to find answers to their questions…a position formerly held by Google.

That means that it’s open to any and all niches, because people have questions in every niche. And it’s a pretty easy platform to get started on. If you can answer a question, you can get traffic.

Youtube is INCREDIBLY beginner friendly

Although it SEEMS the most intimidating at a glance for most beginners, actually once you get your first couple videos uploaded, in my experience it’s actually easier to understand and is a lot more straightforward than most of the other traffic sources.

Youtube can give you almost immediate traffic

Even on a completely, brand new channel, Youtube will give you a shot. They are always willing to give new content a shot on their platform, because that’s what drives it forward.

Other than the facebook strategy that we’ll discuss later, Youtube is probably the fastest way to predictably get traffic right away as a beginner.

Once you get your channel up and running, youtube will provide essentially Limitless and automated traffic generation

This is the best part, and the #1 reason I love Youtube…

Once you create a video, it tends to just passively get more and views, more and more clicks, and more and more sales over time…

Obviously this depends on if you follow the steps I’m about to outline for you properly…but as long as you create good content that helps your niche in some way…

Youtube videos just grow and grow every day!

And best of all? Once you upload a video, you don’t really have to touch it. It’s 100% fully automated.

Why Is Youtube AMAZING for affiliates?

You Can Link To ANYTHING

Youtube allows you to put any link you want underneath the videos.

And, they don’t censor what you talk about. You can really talk about pretty much any product, service, make any claims you want, and promote any affiliate offers you want.

Obviously affiliate marketing works best when you’re promoting good products that help people and that you believe in, but even if all of those things are all in place…google and facebook ads, for example…still won’t let you promote many affiliate offers.

Youtube, however, is very open to any and all affiliates.

Can Talk about ANYTHING

Similarly, they allow you to discuss any topic you want and say whatever you want. This is very freeing for an affiliate, especially in the beginning.

They don’t regulate your opinions, interests, or content.

If you say that a product is the best in the world, they won’t stop you!

Even Beginners can (potentially) rank instantly in Google AND Youtube

One of the bonuses that youtube provides is that by uploading content on youtube…you can INSTANTLY have the chance to be ranked on google for keywords on the google search engine!

Many times you can even rank your youtube video ABOVE articles that have been around for years and worked really hard to earn that spot in the search engine.

You can also rank within the Youtube search instantly.

Now, that doesn’t mean that you WILL rank instantly, but it’s at least possible!

Youtube ONLY Grows With Time

As I mentioned before, creating each and every youtube video is like creating an asset. It ONLY grows over time. Youtube videos never get LESS views. I love that.

It’s the ultimate passive asset for generating traffic.

Competition is Irrelevant On Youtube

This is a very common misconception. A lot of people who are somewhat familiar with the “SEO” world tend to think Youtube is the same.

Most of your traffic on Youtube will often come from “suggested” videos which means that your video gets shown next to a related video.

So you don’t have to stress out about being “ranked” #1 on a search term.

Youtube is so massive and growing so much that there is no such thing as competition.

If there are lots of channels in your niche, that’s actually a great thing and the more content they create, the more likely it is that your related content will get shown right next to theirs.

Youtube MYTHS

I won’t dwell on these, but there are a few very common myths that prevent people from creating passive automatic income from youtube.

They’re quite silly when you start uploading. Here are some of the biggest ones:

  • Youtube Myth #1: You need to be funny, interesting, or “good on camera”

Many of the highest earning videos in just about every niche out there are “how to” videos where you simply demonstrate how to do something. This is helpful to people, builds trust and when you recommend an affiliate product afterwards, they listen.

It really doesn’t have anything to do with you or how funny or good at talking you are.

Did you help them with their problem or answer their question? If so, you can make affiliate commissions

  • Youtube Myth #2: You need to be on camera at all

Most niches can be served very well with content that is simply a screen recording on your computer where you answer questions and provide helpful information.

Again, it’s not really about you. It’s about helping people and answering their questions.

  • Youtube Myth #3: You need editing or music

This is a trap that wastes a lot of people’s time and money. If you’re helping and answering, you don’t need fancy editing, intros, or music. You just need to deliver the information.

  • Youtube Myth #4: Subscribers matter

Some of the most profitable affiliate youtube channels have almost no subscribers. Youtube treats each individual video separately.

This is part of understanding how to “feed the algorithm”. Youtube is hungry 24-7 for new and good content. It doesn’t care if you have 0 subscribers or 5 million. If it’s good content that helps answer questions or solve problems, the video has a chance to get shown.

  • Youtube Myth #5: You need to “publish consistently”

While publishing consistently does help to GROW your channel…if you have a video that claims some of the youtube keyword “real estate”…that video will simply continue to get more and more views on autopilot, whether you continue to publish content or not.

If it’s a good video, youtube will keep pushing more and more traffic to it. Period.

5 Steps To Get Free Traffic From Youtube Daily

First off, let me cover the most basic version of this question: How do youtube views translate into affiliate sales?

Well, Youtube videos offer you 3 places to place a link. When you make youtube videos, you will have the opportunity to use 1 or all of these 3 places to put an affiliate link.

When people watch that video, they will have the opportunity to click on or go to that link in one of those 3 places. When they do, they will check out the product you’re linking to and if they buy it, you will earn a commission.

The 3 Youtube Link placements:

  1. In the video itself

    You can simply create a domain (like a redirect) at and when you are presenting your video, mention that URL and put it on the screen. Then they can put that URL in their browser.
  2. In the description box below the video

    You can put as many links to whatever you want in the text box below any youtube video. When people click, you can earn.
  3. As a “Pinned Comment”

    This is an opportunity many people miss. Whenever you publish a video, you can comment on your own video and since you’re the channel owner, you can also “pin” that comment to the top of all the comments.

    Whenever someone scrolls down to the comments for the video, they’ll have an opportunity to see your pinned comment – you can put your affiliate links here.

Now that we got the technical side out of the way, let’s actually talk about the steps to getting traffic and making affiliate sales from Youtube…

Step 1: Pick A Niche

Almost ANY niche can work, especially on Youtube.

A Good Question To Ask Is: How Do You Spend Your Time?

What are you ALREADY obsessed with?

(HINT) For many of you… The Answer Is Marketing 😀

And marketing is a PERFECT niche for starting in affiliate marketing, because everything you learn, you can teach…and that becomes content that gets you traffic and helps you sell more affiliate programs.

My best recommendation is to read the “Software” niche section in this book and choose one of the topics there to start with.

Regardless of what niche you are considering…it’s always helpful to…

START with something that you can create content for without being bored.

You’re going to need to create content about this niche.

The more content you create, the more traffic you will get.

So it’s best to start right off in a niche that doesn’t bore you to tears. It just makes everything else in the process go sooo much smoother.

Make SURE there is a niche with lots of (10k+ views) per video

One quick check you want to do if you’re considering whether a niche is “big” enough, is to simply see if there are channels centered around this niche, and you can look at their top performing videos.

Just double check that some of the videos on these channels get at least 10,000 views.

The good news?

Almost every interest, hobby and well…niche you can think of is represented on Youtube!

Just take a look at this example channel in Knitting!

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Step 2: Reverse Engineer

Step 2 is to reverse engineer what’s already working in that niche, and specifically for the TOP channels in that niche.

First, pick 5 of the top channels in that niche.

Go to their “videos” page.

Sort the videos by by “Most Popular”

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Step 3: Model Success

Next, you want to look at the top 20 videos by popularity on those 5 channels. Start paying attention to the patterns of what all of their top videos have in common.

Specifically, study these things:

  • Thumbnails
  • Titles
  • Keywords
  • Free – Vidiq Plugin

Take notes, make observations, and just start to get a “feel” for what makes those channels work so well.

Look at the thumbnails, the titles, the keywords they’re using, the topics they’re talking about…the colors and the “buzzwords” they’re using.

Then, to make a lot of this much easier…get a free plugin called VidIQ

You can download it free here:

VidIQ is a super plugin that helps you with all of these things. Plus, their youtube channel has amazing training on how to consistently get more views, more subscribers and make more money from youtube.

Step 4: Create Similar Vids

Step 4 is to actually start creating videos of your own that are as similar as possible to the ones that you saw worked really well for the top channels.

Remember, it’s not necessary in the beginning (or ever, in many cases) that you actually show up on camera. It’s perfectly suitable in most niches to create powerpoint slides that answer a question, make recommendations or somehow give the person who searched for that video something they want.

DO NOT Compare yourself to them

When you are researching the top channels in your niche, it’s absolutely essential that you don’t compare yourself to the content on the top channels.

Especially don’t compare yourself to where they are NOW.

In fact, it’s a very good strategy to go back and watch their very first videos.

You will always see that wherever they started, it sucks compared to where they are now.

They started just like you, and they’ve been improving, learning, and growing ever since. Just like you will.

Start where you can

“Ready Fire Aim” is always the motto. Start where you can, even if it’s just uploading a video that isn’t very good.

You’ve got to get through the mental barriers in the beginning and start getting some momentum.

On of the best ways to start building momentum is to start with a very achievable format…

1-2 min. Powerpoints

Start by just making 1-2 minute long powerpoints that answer a “how to” question. It can be just a few slides with a single sentence written on the slide, and you talk about that sentence.

Seriously…there are some videos out there as simple as this that have earned their creator a LOT of money.

Now…do I think you should set that as the standard? No. Of course not. You should always work on improving the quality of your content.

But remember…Start where you can…ready fire aim!

Step 5: Rinse, Repeat

Once you run through this process a couple times, you will have momentum, and you will start getting views, clicks, and eventually, sales.

Keep at it!

Some Things To Keep In Mind…

Most channels will get traffic within 1-2 weeks

Your videos are always going to be “tested” by the Youtube Algorithm. And based on many factors, they will start getting views to people that Youtube thinks are a potential good match.

If those people watch and like your video, it will continue to get more and more views.

It Will steadily grow over time

The nature of Youtube again is that it will grow over time. Don’t expect a giant flood of traffic if you’re just starting out, but remember that a youtube video will never go DOWN in views. It will only ever get more and more traffic.

Grow FASTER and FASTER as you add videos

The more videos you add to your channel, the more ALL of the other videos on your channel will grow too.

It’s just a weird way that the Youtube system works.

“Channel Authority”

This is largely due to something that’s called your “Channel Authority”

This is how credible Youtube deems your entire channel for talking about the topics in your niche.

The more authority you build, the faster your channel will grow and the more views any new videos you add will get immediately.

By the way, one way to build your Channel Authority even faster is to adding 1 or 2 of the next Free Traffic Pillars…

Facebook Groups

Why Every Affiliate Should Have a Facebook Group in 2019!

Probably the best thing about Facebook Groups for affiliate marketing is that they are probably one of the FASTEST ways to get traffic.

While youtube can get going in a few days, google can take a few weeks…but Facebook can literally give you traffic within minutes of taking certain actions.

And your group can start growing the same day.

By the way, I have a free facebook where we talk about the best strategies for affiliate marketing. Feel free to come join the community of affiliate marketers, learn how you can make more commissions, and ask any questions you have.

All skill levels are welcome!

Join For Free Here:

So why should have you have a facebook group?

Well, a facebook group is essentially like having an email list.

It’s a group of people who are HIGHLY interested in your topic, who have voluntarily taken action to come and join a group about your topic, and are waiting to be helped and have their questions answered.

AKA they’re waiting for you to recommend products to them that can help them, answer their questions, and make their life better.

Groups are a huge priority for Facebook right now, because people really like joining them and being a part of them.

You can post to your Facebook group whatever you want, as many times as you want per day and as long as that content is engaging to your audience, facebook will keep showing it to them!

And here’s a CRAZY secret to making money as an affiliate for Facebook Groups…

Your group can actually Rank in Facebook’s Search engine!

Which means, when people go to facebook and search for “keto beginners” your facebook group can show up in one of the top slots…and then you will hit a “jet stream” of free traffic where some of the billions of facebook’s users who are actively seeking more information on keto will see YOUR group and choose to join.

AKA free traffic from facebook daily. Maybe up to thousands, tens of thousands or even HUNDREDS of thousands of people!

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Check out what pops up when you search for “knitting” on facebook…facebook groups with thousands of members who are highly interested in the knitting niche!

Here are some other awesome things about Facebook Groups for affiliate marketing:

  • New people joining every day
  • They can grow VERY fast
  • It’s 100% Free ORGANIC Traffic
  • Highly qualified to want products in your niche

Finally, why are Facebooks really AMAZING for affiliates especially

  • You can promote ANY link (that your group is interested in, of course)
  • You gather leads that are HIGHLY specific to a niche/desire (high converting)
  • People are addicted to Facebook right now. Very easy to get their attention

Every Affiliate Should Have a Facebook Group in 2019!

How Do You Build a FB Group for Affiliate Marketing?

Step 1: Start a Group

The first step is rather simple. Just start a group.

It’s totally free. It takes 5 minutes. You can start as many as you want about as many things as you want.

Here are some tips to help it grow faster and get closer to creating that “Jet Stream” of organic traffic.

Use a keyword in the title

When you’re creating the name of your group, make sure to use a keyword in the title so facebook knows to show it as an option when people search for that keyword.

“Keto Diet” = Keto Diet Support Group

“Knitting” = The Knitting Club For Serious Knitters

“Woodworking” = The Woodworking Mastermind

Don’t be too “cutesy” with your name if you don’t already have a brand that people recognize.

Use keyword in description

Facebook asks you to create a description for your group. It’s a good idea to use the keyword that’s relevant to your niche a few times in this description, and fill it out with some real descriptive paragraphs about the purpose of your group.

You can also go to google, type in your keywords, then scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for the suggested terms that are close.

Put a few of those keywords in the description somewhere in there too, and remember to make it sound natural, like you’re a real human writing the description.

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A Description Optimized For The Keyword “Affiliate Marketing”

Use the 5 allowed group tags

Facebook allows you to choose 5 tags of keywords that are related to your niche. Definitely use those. Find 5 brands or pages that people in your niche are very likely to be interested in.

Step 2: Start Posting Content!

There’s no such thing as too much content in your Facebook group. The facebook algorithm will determine whether it gets distributed to your group members or not, so it’s not really your job.

Your job is to find (or create) the best content that people in your niche will love.

Some good options are:

  • Doing quick 5 minute facebook lives from your phone talking about a particular topic in your niche, offering a quick tip, asking a question
  • Finding viral content (You can use to search for what’s viral in your niche) and posting it in the group
  • Creating training videos
  • Re-posting videos from your youtube channel
  • Re-posting links to your blog articles
  • Doing live Q&A sessions at least once per week
  • Posting Questions that your niche loves to answer

The #1 most important rule for good facebook group content? Engagement.

The more people like, comment and share your content, the more people in your group will see it and the more often they will see it.

If you tie that to your affiliate links, then that means more people that will see your link, click on it and buy stuff from your link.

Step 3: Get People Into Your Group

The best way to get people into your group is to join other popular groups in your niche and become a part of the conversation.

Just go into these groups a couple times a day and just start posting your opinions, answering questions that people ask, and maybe even posting some highly relevant content that you think people in that group will appreciate.

When you do this, something magical will start to happen…people will start to recognize your name from seeing it all the time.

Then, some of them will friend request you.

OR you can speed up this process even more by proactively posting questions, and then friend requesting the people that respond to that post.

Either way, you are going to start building some connections with people who are highly interested in your niche.

Once you strike up a conversation with them, you can mention that you have a free facebook group specifically for people who are interested in this niche, and then you can ask them if it’s ok if you send them a link.

You’ll be shocked by how many people will gladly join your group!

You’ll also be shocked (I was) by how many people will go to your profile, check it out, and even friend request YOU.

A cool trick to get even MORE free traffic is to put a link in your facebook profile description on the left hand side to join your group.

You can even upload a picture that catches the eye and encourages people to join. (Example Below)

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This is a 100% free and super fast way to start building very qualified people into your facebook group so you can start making posts about the affiliate products you recommend

Another good strategy to grow your groups is of course to combine it with the other Pillars.

You can put links below every single youtube video you make:

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You can also put a link as a banner on your blog:

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And your email footer:

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The point is…anywhere and everywhere you can put this link is going to help “jump start” the growth and help it get you more traffic faster.


Why Blogs Are (Still) Amazing For Affiliate Marketing

While blogs are a little less “explosive” as far as traffic goes, they are still very awesome for affiliate marketing, and a great source of free, consistent and growing amounts of traffic.

The traffic blogs get once you start getting shown in search engines is very consistent, very “sturdy” and also tends to grow over time.

Growth is very consistent.

And best of all, blog traffic is very HIGH Quality.

Just like the other two pillars we’ve discussed, another benefit of creating blogs for affiliate traffic is the fact that you can put anything you want on your blog.

You can link to whatever products you want, say whatever you want about them, and do it as many times as you feel like.

And probably the biggest benefit of blog traffic is…

It’s 100% free, and totally passive.

Just like youtube…you create content one time, and it continues to get visits, clicks, and sales for years to come, totally on autopilot.

They Build Up Your Other Pillars Nicely

Blogs are probably the best for building up the other pillars.

For example, you can embed every youtube video that you make onto your blog and if that article gets ranked in a search engine, you now have two sources of traffic to your youtube video…youtube itself, and your blog article.

Also, like I mentioned in the facebook group pillar section, you can turn your traffic on your blog into members of your facebook group very easily by creating a banner that goes on the side of every article, or at the top of your page, or just putting links in the articles that are relevant to the niche.

Blog traffic is very friendly to building email lists

For some reason, blog readers really like to opt in to email lists. They’re fine with giving you their email in exchange for any number of things.

Then, you can use your email list to promote affiliate offers, and grow your other traffic pillars!

3 Shortcuts To Starting A Blog That Gets Traffic Faster

Now, first off let me say that I’m really no SEO expert AT ALL. In fact, I basically consider myself a completely newbie when it comes to SEO.

However, through the means I’m about to share I have been able to create a blog that brings me consistent traffic daily, and makes me affiliate commissions, and builds up my youtube channel and my facebook group, as well as selling my products.

So while there is infinite information on SEO out there, let me just give you my few “shortcuts” that I believe helped me get a blog that actually gets decent traffic (and is growing every day) without actually learning all that complex stuff.

SEO shortcut #1: Going For Non-Competitive Keywords

Now I obviously didn’t create this strategy. But it’s been the #1 thing that has gotten me traffic without having to have all the other stuff.

I basically have found a handful of keywords in my niche that nobody really targets, even though they get a lot of search traffic.

Why don’t people target them? Well, because they’re not directly “monetizable” keywords.

However, my goal isn’t usually to sell the product on that page. My goal is usually to get people to come to the blog so that they will build one of my other pillars, or join my email list.

But in general, the less competitive the keyword is, the faster you can rank for it and get real traffic coming in.

A good way to know if a keyword is competitive or not is simply to search it in google and look at what comes up on the first page of results.

If they are well written, in-depth articles from legitimate looking blogs, then it’s probably competitive.

If it’s a bunch of “rinky-dink” sites that don’t have the keyword directly in the title of a blog post, then you can probably rank for it.

SEO Shortcut #2: Speaking of “Rank”…

One of the most important things I learned about SEO is that the whole “page 1 ranking” thing is a bit overrated.

Now again…I know that I’m not an SEO expert here, so if you are, please stop shouting at me through the screen.

Hear me out…

One of the reasons I never made it far with SEO in the past is I would look at the #1 page results in google, and get discouraged thinking “how am I ever supposed to compete with these people”?

But in reality, the rankings in google are not 100% set in stone.

They are ALWAYS testing for new content and they show it SOME of the time. So no matter who you are, if you have good content, you have a chance to get shown on page 1 SOME of the time (depending on many factors of course, but if you stick with SEO shortcut #1 this will be more relevant).

So you can never really know what will be shown every single time. Even if the ranked pages get shown 90% of the time, there’s still 10% up for grabs that you can get real clicks and sales from.

So don’t be discouraged by the rankings. Just start putting out good content and you will start getting impressions and eventually clicks and sales!

SEO Shortcut #3: Combining With Other Pillars

This is more relevant with SEO than with the other pillars.

SEO is the slowest to grow in my experience, so the best thing you can do to grow it is grow one or both of the other pillars, and then use those to grow your blog.

I think of my blog as the “Core” of the 3 pillars strangely enough.

Linking the 3 together seems to have some sort of powerful magnification effect.

I get youtube views from my blog, which sends people to subscribe to my youtube channel, which gets people to my facebook group, which sends people to my blog, which sends people to my group, which sends to my youtube videos, etc etc etc.

How To Set Up Your Blog

For more info on SEO, I urge you to read any of the 100 billion articles published daily on how to do SEO.

To keep it super simple however, let me give you the basic steps to starting a blog and getting affiliate sales:

Step 1: Choose a Niche

We’ve talked a lot about this. Refer back to the beginning of the book if you want help with this.

Step 2: Create A Blog

Creating a Blog Has a Few Steps On It’s Own. I’ll give you the (very) simplified version below.

Step a) Get A Website

I recommend getting a domain and hosting from hostgator:

Step b) Install WordPress

To create a successful blog, you simply must use wordpress. It’s the standard for SEO and it makes everything you need to set up to get ranked in google a million times easier.

Luckily, it’s free.

Step c) Install The All In One SEO Plugin Or The Yoast SEO Plugin

These will help you with lots of things SEO. Only Choose 1 of the two listed above, they’re both free.

Step d) Install Pretty Links

This plugin will just help you create nice short links for your affiliate links.

There are some more technical steps that I won’t cover here. If you want to see exactly step by step how to set up the wordpress blog, you can check out my Nomad Affiliate Academy training

Step 3: Do keyword research

Find some keywords that get searched, but don’t have a lot of competition.

Refer back to the beginning of the book for keyword research help.

There are also many keyword tools that will help you make this “low competition” calculation.

I have used this one before, and it’s pretty helpful for finding you the perfect kind of keywords to use with this strategy: (my affiliate link, with a 30% off discount)

Step 4: Create Content Around These Keywords

This is always where the rubber hits the road. While there are many technical aspects to make winning content on a blog, at the end of the day if you create some decent articles about your keyword you will start showing up in the search engines.

One tip to help getting more traction with SEO is to embed youtube videos whenever they are at all relevant to the topic.

And a special trick is, they don’t have to be your youtube videos!

I like to take the #1 ranked Youtube video for whatever the keyword is that I’ve written an article for, and then add that video to the article.

Google owns youtube so it knows what that video is about. I think that it tells google that this article has something in it that youtube has also deemed is very relevant to this keyword, so it gives it a little boost.

If nothing else…this is an easy way to get LOTS more (highly relevant, good quality in google’s eyes) content for your articles without having to do any additional work.

Speaking of Content…

Part 3: Create Content

How To Create Content That Gets Traffic And Sales

Alright, so now you’ve set up your Free traffic pillars. You have a game plan. You know how to get people visiting your blog, watching your youtube videos, and joining your facebook group.

What now?

Now it’s time to feed the algorithms so they feed you back with traffic! Remember that from allll the way back in the beginning of the book?

Each of the free traffic pillars has it’s own unique quircks and specific tweaks, but at the end of the day, most of the content that you make for affiliate marketing comes down to a few different “templates” for creating content.

I call them The 5 Content Templates

Creative, huh?

In the next section I’ll cover The 5 Content templates that will make it easy for you to always know what to create to feed the algorithms with and create consistent and ever-growing traffic to your affiliate offers.

The 5 Content Templates

The How To Template

If I could only choose ONE template and had a million dollars on the line for creating content that makes affiliate sales, it would be this method.

It works in every single niche out there, and it’s as easy as finding a keyword that people are asking about, and creating a piece of content that answers it.

It’s a perfect match for affiliate marketing because people are looking for answers to their questions, and most affiliate products aim to solve a problem for people…and all problems start with a question.

It’s also great engaging content that people in a particular niche are always hungry for.

Essentially, you just choose a keyword like:

“How To Knit a Scarf” and you create a video, a post or an article about it.

There should be infinite keywords in any niche that people search “how to” for.

Just go to google and type “how to ______ niche” and it will show you tons of examples.

Here are some examples of The How To Method:

How To Build Your First Clickfunnel (In 15 Minutes)

Make Money On Clickbank With Bing Ads

How To Get Free Traffic From Your Facebook Profile

The How To “Template”

  • Intro – Hi, in this video/article I’m going to show you how to __________ Step By Step
  • A lot of people get this wrong, so I’m going to show you exactly how to do it
  • First, you need to ______
  • Then, _____
  • Then, ______
  • Now, what most people do wrong when they’re trying to do this is…[List Common Mistakes]
  • But if you [list the steps that you showed] then you can’t go wrong.
  • If you have any questions about how to do _____ leave a comment

The Review Template

This is a perfect template for affiliate marketing.

This is where you review a product that already exists.

The beauty of this method is that products that already exist… Already have people searching for reviews!

That means you can tap into existing keyword traffic.

PLUS it’s very likely that someone who is looking for a review, is also looking to make a purchase.

Here are some tips for review content:

  1. While the best review is something that you have used and have experience with, many people have made a lot of money with affiliate marketing by simply doing a “review” of what you’ll get with a product.

    For example, you can create a video reviewing the sales page of the product, summarizing what they will get when they purchase the product
  2. For higher conversion rates, create some sort of “bonus” package for anyone that purchases from your link. Just ask them to email you with a copy of their receipt and you will send them their bonus.
  3. A really amazing trick that Franklin Hatchett teaches is to take one of the infinite products out there that don’t have affiliate products…and then review them vs. the product you want to promote that DOES have an affiliate program.

    If people search for the program that doesn’t have a program, they can find your video or blog post and then have the opportunity to buy the one that DOES have the affiliate program, through your link.
  4. Whenever a brand new product gets launched, this is the best time ever to create a review piece of content.

    The reason is, all of the keywords for this brand new product are up for grabs for anyone, so even if you have a brand new blog or youtube channel you can rank right away for the keywords.

    For more on this strategy, look up the term “Launch Jacking”

Here are some examples of content with The Review Method:

Alex Becker Hcom 2020 Review (2018) Shopify Course

Print Profits Webinar – Fred Lam & Michael Shih Training

Software Secrets Book Review (FREE Book + Exclusive Bonuses)

Here’s a video review of a product I did while it was launching (Launch Jacking) and ironically, it’s a software that helps you to do launch jacking! 🙂

Affiliate Titan X Discount + Exclusive Bonus 😎

(I’m also using the “offer your own bonus to increase conversions” trick)

Here’s an example of launch jacking + reviewing a product without owning it (I am transparent about the fact that I don’t own the product, I am just reviewing what you get).

Print Profits Webinar – Fred Lam & Michael Shih Training

The Review “Template”

  • In this article/video I’m going to give you my honest review of ___________
  • _________ is a product that helps you [benefit 1] [benefit 2] and [benefit 3]
  • It’s created by [company/author/company]
  • [give your review of using it if you have]
  • Here are the things that I like about the product
    • [pro 1]
    • [pro 2]
    • [pro 3]
  • And here are some of things that I dont like/could be improved
    • [con 1]
    • [con 2]
  • So if you want to [benefit 1] [benefit 2] and [benefit 3], consider getting [product]
  • And if you get it through my affiliate link in the description box below, #1 I will receive a commission which will help support this channel, so thank you , and #2 I am offering a special bonus of ________. Simply click the link below to pick up [product] and then send me an email at [email] with a copy of receipt and I’ll send you [bonus] right away.

The Tutorial Template

The tutorial template is where you help people learn how to do something. This is accomplished extremely well with video, but also works really well as a blog article.

This is very similar to the “How To” template, but the how to template can be applied to anything, where tutorials are for things that people are looking to learn a bigger process for.

A great example of this is software. Many people aren’t looking to do a specific thing with that software when they are looking into it, they just want to know generally how it works.

Here are some examples of The Tutorial Template:

Semrush Tutorial + Review (2018)

Clickbank Tutorial For Beginners (2019 – Free Traffic)

Google Adwords Tutorial

The Tutorial “Template”

  • In this article/video I’m going to give you a tutorial about how to use [product]
  • We’re going to cover [how to do feature 1] [how to do feature 2] and [how to do feature 3]
  • Ok, let’s get started
  • [show how to do feature 1]
  • [show how to do feature 2]
  • [show how to do feature 3]
  • Etc etc
  • If you want to know more about using [product] leave a comment below

Comparison Template

The comparison template is where you compare several products that look to achieve the same product.

There are an incredible amount of keywords targeting one product vs. another product.

For example:

Clickfunnels vs. Kartra

Clickfunnels vs. Aweber

Mailchimp vs. Getresponse

A great way to create this is to create an individual Review Template content piece for 2 or 3 products and then put them together in an overall comparison video.

Here’s an example of a comparison template:

Top 3 Landing Page Builders: Clickfunnels vs. Builderall vs. Optimizepress

Best Landing Page Builder (2019) – Clickfunnels vs. Builderall vs. Optimizepress

The Comparison “Template”

  • create review template of [product 1]
  • create review template of [product 2]
  • Hi, in this article/video I’m going to compare [product 1] and [product 2]
  • These products are both products that [benefit]
  • [product 1] is all about ____ ____ and _____
  • Some of its pros are
    • Pro 1
    • Pro 2
    • Pro 3
  • And some of the cons are
    • Con 1
    • Con 2
  • Product 1 is really good for you if youre ______
  • But product 2 could be better for you if you’re _______

List Template

The list template is simply making a list of products that fit a specific keyword.

  • Top 3 Recipes for losing weight
  • Top 7 ways to get traffic with youtube
  • 10 Websites To Make $100/Day Online


Spy Tools For Bing ADs

The List Template

  • In this article/video I’m going to share the top 7 ______
  • All 7 of these are going to help you _____ and _______
  • [Thing 1] – [Description, Pros, Cons]
  • [Thing 2] – [Description, Pros, Cons]
  • [Thing 3] – [Description, Pros, Cons]
  • [Thing 4] – [Description, Pros, Cons]
  • [Thing 5] – [Description, Pros, Cons]
  • [Thing 6] – [Description, Pros, Cons]
  • [Thing 7] – [Description, Pros, Cons]

Bonus Templates

If you want to get access to more content templates, check out this article on my blog:

Putting It All Together

If you follow these 3 steps – choose a niche, create your traffic pillars, and keep creating content, you will start getting a flood of traffic and make more and more commissions.

If you want help to see more of the step by step details for how to implement all of these strategies, please consider joining my Nomad Affiliate Academy training program.

It it, I have step by step video training tutorials on how to implement all of these strategies, and ongoing new content, plus a weekly Affiliate Q&A & Mastermind to answer your questions and help you implement them further.

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Learn More

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If you want to link up with the rest of the Nomad Affiliate Community and ask questions there, please join my free facebook group:

Thanks for reading,

Feel free to reach out any time and connect!

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