7 Simple $100/Day Side Hustles

Man, sometimes all you need, or want is just a little extra money…

For surviving, for buying something a little extra,

Or even for investing in a course that could help you build valuable business skills, or give you a key insight that you needed to break through to the next level (See the options at the end of the email for some good ideas).

A while back, my friend Greg Jeffries put together a really nice little list of real side hustles that you can do to quickly (and with relatively little effort) get to about 100/day.

Which in my experience, is when you can start to “relax” about being able to meet your most basic needs…

And then, a lot of other options start to open up for you.

Creatively, financially, and energy-wise.

Check out Greg’s list of side hustles here and see if any are a good fit for you

Greg Jeffries’ List of Side Hustles

Download The List of Side Hustles

“The Nomad” Brad


My #1 Recommendation: Uber Eats / Doordash

I personally have tried and would highly recommend the Uber / Lyft driver path

When I have done food delivery via Uber Eats or Doordash, I have consistently been able to make AT LEAST $100/day – and sometimes much more (and sometimes less).

– it’s probably the easiest and most predictable way to earn some extra income, regardless of skill or background…

It’s easy work, and I made it an extra win for myself by listening to educational audiobooks and learning while I was driving around making consistent money.

And if you’re delivering food, you also never even have to talk to anyone (if that’s something that’s appealing to you). It’s just you and the food.

Plus, one of the best parts…they pay you DAILY if you want.

So, it’s pretty much the perfect “side hustle” in my opinion.

That is, of course, if you have a car.

If you don’t have a car, here’s something you can do…

BUT I will say that one time I did Uber, I didn’t own a car. I was fortunate enough to have a sister that allowed me to use her vehicle at nights and on weekends.

So…if you find yourself in that situation, maybe you too could find someone else to lend you a vehicle.

You just have to make sure you’re on the insurance for that vehicle, and you’re good to go. You could even offer to fill up their car, wash it, maybe even pay them back or help them with their payments, etc.

See greg’s full list here <<<

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