Evernote Scan A Document To Evernote Using The Mobile App

Evernote Scan A Document To Evernote Using The Mobile App Scanning a document to Evernote using the mobile app is a quick and easy process. To begin, first make sure that you have the most recent version of the Evernote app installed on your device. Once this is done, launch the app and sign in…

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How To Take Notes On Youtube Videos | Chrome Extension Saves You Hours

I’ve been searching for a solution to taking great notes on Youtube for a while now. I learn more from Youtube than any other platform, but I was always frustrated with how hard it was to take proper notes on a video. In the past, I would have to simply open up an evernote in…


How To Search Evernote Notes & Notebooks Faster With “Switch To” Keyboard Shortcut

I just discovered an awesome feature buried in the Evernote “Keyboard Shortcuts” It’s called “Switch to” an it helps you find notes, notebooks, tags, and more incredibly fast, in a way that’s similar to Spotlight on Mac OS or Alfred. To use it, just hit cmd + J anywhere in Evernote.

How To Use Templates In Fantastical – A Huge Time Saver

I recently downloaded fantastical, an amazing calendar management app. For some reason, even though over the past couple years I have experimented with a bunch of productivity apps and found dozens of ways to speed up my creative output, I thought that Google Calendar was sufficient for my calendar needs. Boy, was I wrong. Fantastical…


How To Paste Your Clipboard Contents Directly To Evernote (Mac OS)

I just discovered how to take any clipboard content and directly paste it into a new Evernote note: The evernote help documentation refers to this as “Paste To Evernote” On Mac: ^ + ⌘ + V Wow – what a massive time saver! You don’t even have to open Evernote. Enjoy, “The Nomad” Brad PS…