Jasper AI Chrome Extension (Brand New)

The Jasper AI Chrome Extension is finally here!

If you are an existing member of Jasper (start a free trial here) you immediately get open beta access to test the brand new chrome extension.

You can download the chrome extension from the chrome store, but you’ll have to have a Jasper membership to make use of it.

What Does The Jasper AI Chrome Extension Do?

With the Jasper AI Chrome Extension, the powerful AI writing tools of Jasper are available to you whenever you are browsing the web or using your favorite apps.

  • Social Media Posts
  • Dating Apps
  • Emails (gmail, outlook, etc)

Have you ever been browsing online and wished for a personal assistant to help you with your research? Look no further than Jasper AI’s Chrome Extension!

With just the click of a button, Jasper can search for information related to whatever text you have highlighted on the page.

Want to learn more about a new product or company? Jasper will provide a summary along with links to relevant articles and news.

Struggling to find specific information in a lengthy article?

Jasper can also help with that by pulling out key quotes and statistics. So next time you need some extra assistance while browsing the web, give Jasper AI a try!

Your personal assistant is always just a click away.

(This last couple of paragraphs was generated for you courtesy of the Jasper AI paragraph generator.

What Does The Jasper AI Chrome Extension Work With?

  • Sales Force
  • Hubspot
  • WordPress
  • Notion
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Shopify
  • Google Docs
  • Youtube
  • Gmail
  • Surfer SEO

And dozens of more apps.

My Experience With The Jasper AI Chrome Extension:

Here’s my Jasper AI Chrome Extension Review:

The Nomad Brad

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