Course Craft – (By Thrive Themes) | Overview & Where To Sign Up

Course Craft is an excellent training course created by the Thrive Themes team about…well, creating training courses.

Specifically, how to take your knowledge and expertise and turn it into a video course worth at least $300.

Watch The Course Craft Mini Series

They cover all the skills, mindset, strategy, and exact step by step process you need to create your first video training course – the ideas, the outline, the content creation, the sales page, the shopping cart, and even the software to sell and deliver your course.

I’ve been using the Thrive Themes ecosystem for years (Thrive Suite, Thrive Automator, etc) on my WordPress sites, and I think every piece of software and training I’ve ever used from them has been of the highest quality.

Learn More About Course Craft Here

Watch The Course Craft Mini Series

The team at Thrive has created a mini course about how to launch your training course and turn it into a business featuring 3 different mini classes, which you can watch below.

Part 1:  How to Turn Your Knowledge into an Online Course — that doesn’t suck

Part 2: Case Study: Launching a Course in Just 2 Weeks and Getting Paid Before You Make It

Part 3: Online Course Pricing Secrets (I wish someone had told me this years ago)

Course Craft Outline

Course Craft by Thrive Themes is a new training course for launching your own training course.

Module 1: Tech Stuff

  • Course Delivery
  • Build Your Customer List
  • Build Your Customer List
  • Video Tools

Module 2: Course Creation

  • The Product idea
  • Sales Page First
  • The Map Method
  • Course Content

Module 3: Launch & Marketing

  • The Zero Audience Launch
  • Rapid Course Launch Plan
  • Revenue Engines
  • Traffic Engines

Conclusion: Should You Get Course Craft?

I think if you’re interested in creating a video training course, then you should definitely give Course Craft a try.

Learn More About Course Craft

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