It’s Not A Failure…It’s a Temporary Setback

If you’re going to take this whole online business game seriously, you should burn that phrase into your mind now:

“It’s not a failure. Its’s a temporary setback. “


My man Napolean Hill took it a step further, and said that often, our biggest opportunities come just around the corner from those temporary “defeats”.


Keep going. You’re just around the corner from something great.

Unlock the Power of AI for Affiliate Marketing

Have you been curious about how to increase your affiliate income with AI?

Here are 3 powerful AI tools I’ve been using to generate a ton of traffic and new affiliate commissions:

✅ Jasper AI

Your AI writing co-pilot that makes everything you do easier.

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It's Not A's A Temporary Setback 8

Jasper AI is just such an amazing tool. It helps you write anything and everything. It’s helping me write this email right now.

Every affiliate marketer should be using it. Right now.

My favorite feature is the chrome extension that brings the AI writing assistance of jasper into literally any web page.


✅ Article Forge

Hands-off SEO Content Creation at scale.

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It's Not A's A Temporary Setback 9

Article forge has been my bread and butter for a while now doing SEO and affiliate marketing.

It’s specifically optimized for SEO and creating batch content.

The latest update has made the program more like Jasper AI or Chat GPT in that it is focusing less on “keywords” and more on prompts for creating articles.

It’s amazing. If you’re doing large-scale or mass-page affiliate marketing, you need article forge in your arsenal.

It’s the easiest and most automated, hands-off way I know to create tons of content that ranks and gets sales.

If you haven’t seen my free affiliate marketing guide using article forge to rank for low-hanging-fruit keywordscheck it out here. 

✅ Bhuman

Create AI Clones of Yourself


Ok, I’ll admit. This one’s a bit creepy.

I’ve been experimenting with it a bit and…I’m still not sure what do think about it.

But, I guess this is the future, so we should learn how to use it.

What it does is allow you to create AI “clones” of yourself by taking a small sampling of video footage of yourself reading some scripts…

And then it will create AI video copies of you, reading whatever you want.

If you’re looking to scale up your cold outreach with a personal (ish) touch, or add an automated version of yourself that can reach out to every lead, customer, or staff member, check out Bhuman. 

Change of Plans for Productivity Hacking Class

After talking with a few people, I’ve decided there isn’t quite enough demand to do the big 3 week class I was planning.

There are, however, a lot of folks who are interested in learning how to get dramatically more output from their days without working any harder.

I’ll have to think up on how to deliver it — but I’m really excited to share this info with you.

It will have a dramatic impact on your results.

Talk soon,

The Nomad Brad
It's Not A's A Temporary Setback 10

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