YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts

Did you know that youtube has a set of awesome keyboard shortcuts?

I watch YouTube daily.

Which makes me embarrassed that I never thought to look up if there were any good keyboard shortcuts to speed up my process and make me more productive.

For an updated and complete list, check out the Official Youtube Keyboard Shortcut Support Article

YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts Full List

Keyboard shortcutFunction
SpacebarPlay/Pause when the seek bar is selected. Activate a button if a button has focus.
Play/Pause Media Key on keyboardsPlay / Pause.
kPause/Play in player.
mMute/unmute the video.
Stop Media Key on keyboardsStop.
Next Track Media Key on keyboardsMoves to the next track in a playlist.
Left/Right arrow on the seek barSeek backward/forward 5 seconds.
jSeek backward 10 seconds in player.
lSeek forward 10 seconds in player.
.While the video is paused, skip to the next frame.
,While the video is paused, go back to the previous frame.
>Speed up the video playback rate.
<Slow down the video playback rate.
Home/End on the seek barSeek to the beginning/last seconds of the video.
Up/Down arrow on the seek barIncrease/Decrease volume 5%.
Numbers 1 to 9 on the seek bar (not on the numeric pad)Seek to the 10% to 90% of the video.
Number 0 on the seek bar (not on the numeric pad)Seek to the beginning of the video.
/Go to search box.
fActivate full screen. If full screen mode is enabled, activate F again or press escape to exit full screen mode.
cActivate closed captions and subtitles if available. To hide captions and subtitles, activate C again.
Shift+NMove to the next video (If you’re using a playlist, will go to the next video of the playlist. If not using a playlist, it will move to the next YouTube suggested video).
Shift+PMove to the previous video. Note that this shortcut only works when you’re using a playlist.
iOpen the Miniplayer.
Source: Google Official Support

Credit for me discovering these awesome hacks goes to Jeff Su and his awesome Youtube Channel about productivity tricks.

You can watch his video on his favorite shortcuts here:

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